5 New Things in Madden NFL 12 (IGN)

IGN has posted a blog on five new features in Madden NFL 12. They are 1. Custom Playbooks, 2. Better Presentation, 3. Upgraded Game flow, 4. New Collision Technology, and 5. Better Coverage. For more info,

“Custom Playbooks: The Chargers can run the Wildcat this season. I don’t know why you would want this, but you can make it work. Take any play from any team and add it to your playbook. Remove plays you don’t like, order plays as you want them to appear in the game — there’s a lot of control here. And all of this is integrated with Gameflow, the system that is meant to smartly select plays for you (though it didn’t always work last season). You can even rate the plays in your playbook to determine how often Gameflow selects them.”

Source- 5 New Things in Madden NFL 12


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