A Guide to Madden NFL Player Creation

What is your favorite way to build an NFL franchise? Perhaps it’s by drafting a super athletic Quarterback from California, Florida or Texas #1 overall in the NFL Draft? Or maybe your team needs that elusive game breaker in the form of a wide receiver, running back or cornerback? Whatever the case is, wouldn’t it be great if you, the General Manager of your NFL franchise could inherit top college players at various positions without even drafting them to your organization? Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s inch closer to the goal line. With this team building method in mind, you’ll be able to enhance your chances of hoisting the Super Bowl.

If you were to play a Connected Careers franchise exclusively as just one player you would have your choice of a few different templates. You might feel that you’re restricted in your customization. While no 2 players in the NFL are the exact same, neither are any upcoming rookies. So then why are we restricted to choose from just a few template players? While, there isn’t anything specifically wrong with any of those template players; they are lacking customization. If we want to create players for our friends, family members and fictitious characters we’ve conjured up from our imagination chances are we’d like to customize their skillsets to be unique to their personal preferences.

Every year, the NFL combine is conducted in Indianapolis for each team to get a closer look at all the college players entering the NFL. These players have been scouted throughout the season, and here their skill set is evaluated against their peers through extensive tests. Every NFL player is rated on each and every one of their skills, and you can view those ratings within their profile. With this data, along with the parameters EA Sports recommends for BE A PRO players, you can design a full batch of rookie players on offense and defense to supplement the current talent in the league. With an influx of new talented rookies your league will flourish for many years. Those players will likely become the new face-of the-franchise in their organization.

So with this in mind, put on your General Manager’s hat and begin to think astutely. You’re in your office at the stadium, overlooking the football field, on a sunny August afternoon. Your office walls exhibit an array of framed photos of Hall of Fame players for your organization, and these conjure up some visions of what you’d like to see in some of your future players. You can’t help but imagine the possibilities of a roster loaded with talented rookies.

To enhance your league with a plethora of super rookies you’ll need to download the spreadsheet found in the ‘Madden NFL 16 All Player Ratings Just Released’ article. Sort all the players by position so you can compare them with each other. Then list the details for each template player we can choose from in Connected Careers mode. When designing your rookie players, compare them to their NFL peers while remaining within the allowable range. With a very detailed spreadsheet full of player ratings, you’ll be able to creatively design your own database of players to scatter around the NFL. It’ll be an enhanced NFL full of future stars all vying for the Rookie of the Year award.

In the next few articles I’ll outline the parameters for each player. Stay tuned!


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