EA Access’ Madden 15 Trial Limited to Several Hours

If you were hoping to get extend your Maddenoliday five days early with the new [p2p type=”slug” value=”ea-access-subscription-now-live-all-you-need-to-know”]EA Access subscription[/p2p], you might be a little upset to find out that today, EA Access’s twitter answered someone’s question about how long you can play Madden NFL 15 on EA Access.

There you have it—you can play Madden NFL 15 for up to six hours in a span of five days with this subscription.

This, of course, is very disappointing and has aggravated many subscribers, since you would essentially be paying to play a demo. A demo which is much more limited than in times past. Last year, the EA SPORTS Season Ticket was cheaper and allowed you to play the full game for three full days. Actual demos from previous years allowed unlimited playing time, but limited you usually to a short full game of the previous year’s super bowl matchup teams.

Many folks are asking how to get refunds, while a very small amount of gamers are still somewhat thankful that they can even play Madden NFL 15 early at all. Some even find value in the few games that are currently in The Vault.

Either way, EA certainly was quiet when questions about how long one would be able to play Madden NFL 15 on their new subscription plan. Rumors were going around that there could be a two hour time limit. Either way, those who regrettably went ahead and bought EA Access expecting full access to Madden NFL 15  were not completely mislead and should have waited until an official announcement of the specific.

Leave your thoughts on the comments for the way EA has handled this whole situation.


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