Our Strategist


Peter, also known as Reminisce, is twenty-seven years old and married, from South Florida. Peter has been known for his simple, yet effective offensive schemes, as well as developing vicious defenses to destroy his opponents. Uniquely a professional at what he does, Peter not only has large and small tournament-winning experience, but an unmatched gift of breaking down and simplifying Madden concepts that are highly competitive.

Peter’s career as a Madden strategist launched shortly after winning the Tampa Bay Madden Challenge on Xbox 360 in 2006. While also being a Top 5 online Madden player at the time, the demand for his offensive schemes and defenses demanded his strategies to be in a format that was easily accessible and consumable. Peter has since been winning local tournaments in the South Florida.

Besides Madden, his favorite subjects to study are Presuppositional Apologetics, Theology, and Philosophy.


Madden Gurus was launched in 2006 (when Madden 07 was the most recent game) as a resource for Madden gamers to chat and further dialogue with Peter. At the time, WordPress and vBulletin weren’t as common or sophisticated, so Peter luckily found an old friend who was able to set up the domain and a free phpbb forum.

Shortly after, Peter put his highly sought-out tips in an organized and user-friendly form. Peter released his first two guides, which were the Madden NFL 07 Run & Gun and 34/New England guides. The release of these guides went viral, shook up the Madden community, and created much popularity and fans in Peter’s work. The most memorable strategy at the time scheme out of HB – Wheel out of Singleback: Tight Slots, which single handedly helped Peter win the Tampa Madden Challenge.

Since then, many sites and YouTube channels have popped up, trying to replicate the vision and effectiveness of Madden Gurus’ strategy, but the quality and service from Madden Gurus remains unparalleled.

Thank you for reading about our Strategist and our history.

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