is always looking to expand its reach and make this the best Madden community site. Whether you’re behind the scenes or out in the trenches, we’d like to have you be a part of our staff. To apply for one of these positions below, email Reminisce (@) with the title in your description. is currently looking for:

  • PS4/PS3 or Xbox ONE/Xbox 360 Gameplay Video Producer

This person would record gameplay footage. in at least 720p resolution, of Madden NFL or NCAA Football and provide voice-over commentary for submission to our YouTube channel. Preferred types of videos are: (1) online gameplays, (2) Tip & strategy related videos, (3) Ultimate team gameplay, (4) CFM, and other entertaining game modes.

  • Article writer

We are always looking for guest submissions or an on-staff writer. This person should be capable of collecting, organizing, and presenting information based on the Madden NFL or NCAA Football video game series, or unique insights to game-related strategy, tips, and news. When applying, please include a sample writing of 200-500 words about any information involving Madden or NCAA that you wish. You can make it current, as it may be used with your permission.

  • WordPress, SEO, and Graphics

This person should have an ability to do multiple tasks related to WordPress, SEO, and graphical content. An ability to edit WordPress templates, tweak themes, optimize SEO content, and design graphics such as logos, banners, and eBook covers. When applying, please include some examples of blogs, search engine positions, or graphics that you have done.

  • Social Networking

This person should have an above average knowledge of social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other engines. Job responsibilities can include tagging and marketing videos, interacting with and gathering Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers, and other related tasks. To apply, simply include your current Twitter/Facebook/Twitter accounts in the email.

  • Forum Moderator

This person should have a passion for helping fellow Madden players find the answers to their questions regarding Madden or NCAA. This can be accomplished by either supplying the answers yourself or pointing them in the right direction. A good sense of ethics and forum activity is also desired in order to keep the forum discussions running smoothly.

All staff members will enjoy benefits for their positions on our team. Some positions are paid, some may not be. If they aren’t, our positions are rewarded with free merchandise, and paid trips to big tournaments, if applicable.

Don’t see anything your equipped for but still have a special set of skills that you can contribute?

Fear not. Contact us with your ideas anyway, because we’re always in need of dedicated folks who want to help the Madden community. Email Reminisce (@)