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king tone
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Breaking "MUT" contract tip**MUST READ**

This is just something i stumbled across. When you have earned and or bought high value players or simply players you don't wanna lose. Place them off of the depth chart.

One example is... I have a special card that the contract cannot be extended and it happens to be QB, Drew Brees, i will place him 3 or 4 on the depth chart under a couple QB scrubs(low rated) ,and during the game i would sub him in on the formation sub screen."NOT THE PAUSE DEPTH CHART" You can then use him the entire game without any loss of contracted games.

Note. You can do this with any player you want to keep

For wr's i have 5 lower value wr's all rated in the 60's. I have aquired a few good wr's in Knox(Skill and Speed), Wayne(BEAST), Ginn(Speedy), and i have them as my 6-8 on the depth chart. Yes I know i have a lot of WR's. I sub them in on all formations when i feel the need to smash my opponent.

The benifets:
a. You never have to extend their contracts
b. You have BEASTS on your team
c. Save your coins for more BEASTS
d. Your opponent won't know what hit them because your teams overall rating will reflect a LOW rating because it rates your starters.

Things that suck:
a. You have to substitue the BEASTS in. This could take some time depending on the play clock or how fast your opponent picks their play

PS. I also have Adrian Peterson as a trick up my sleeve Another BEAST!!!

I've come to the conclusion that MUT is the funnest part of Madden 11. (IMO)

Peace and fried chicken grease

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Default Re: "MUT" contract tip**MUST READ**

Wow thats pretty clever man. I just wish the price of things weren't so high bc it practically causes people to have to use real money.
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Default Re: "MUT" contract tip**MUST READ**

I tried this out and it didn't work for me. I substituted a QB, WR, and DE using the formations screen and not the Depth chart screen. I substituted them into ALL formations. Maybe it checks who was used the most in a given game? I had a WR injured in the same game and it didn't take a game off his contract, but did with his replacement. Also, my first string guys who played a full series before I did any formation changes did not lose a game.

This was on PS3. I did have my QB 3rd on the depth chart, maybe if I put him off the depth chart altogether? I'll have to experiment more.

What have you done to get this to work?
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Default Re: "MUT" contract tip**MUST READ**

I was trying to figure out how the contracts are affected as well, I have noticed that I have a back up who lost a game off his contract and I don't remember seeing him in the game? I have a team full of decent -great players but I know I will prob. have to put some money on my PSN account to keep them unless I can find a way to work the system. I think the lowest player on MUT is a 80 overall, all gold cards, it can get expensive! I know people have said the buy some bronze packs and keep the back-up as bums but I can't help it I like having a good team and at some point, some of these backups will get in the game and im not trying to get burnt!
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Default Re: "MUT" contract tip**MUST READ**

Originally Posted by JagsFan706 View Post
Wow thats pretty clever man. I just wish the price of things weren't so high bc it practically causes people to have to use real money.
you never have to use real money, i've played UT since i got the game and never spent a dime and i didn't get the bonus coins from Gamestop, it takes more time but that's kind of the fun part about it

1)When you start only buy silver or bronze pack (preferably silver but if you don't have enough coins buy bronze)
2)Put to auction any uniform, stadium, contract, injury and playbook cards (no players!) you get at the lowest price that you are allowed to post them at. Now you have to pay attention to what time the auctions will end at since people see most auctions when they are near the end so plan the end of the auction to end at 7-10pm Mon-Fri and 10am-6pm Sat and Sun, it sounds ridiculous but I found cards sell more when the auctions are up around these times (gotta figure people work the weekdays and like to play before they go out or watch the games on the weekends)
3)Play some games with your team to get extra coins since the players you have now and get through these packs suck it's good to have them get you some extra points instead of just cutting them (when there contracts are up just cut them since you'll have lots of player cards to replace them from the new packs you buy). If you wanna be cheap play the computer on all madden or all pro and after you start the game turn all the CPU sliders down. You'll still get the points for playing at a high skill level but you'll get extra points for dominating.
4)Keep repeating this till you get more and more coins to buy better packs and soon enough you'll have multiple cards to start building collections which give you lots of coins and special cards.
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