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Suggestion Def playbook for 49ers and/or Miami

As the title says Im having a problem picking and staying with 1 team and learning them inside and out like so many of you guys have. The problem is this, I am a Miami Fan hands down and always will be as well as a 49er fan. I guess there my AFC and NFC teams. Now with that I cant get consistent play from either team. I am thinking the biggest problem is that I am using the NO off book and NYJ def on both. The Fins have a great o line and the RBs are top tier along with Brandon marshal but thats it. With the 49ers they have a great RB in Gore and Westbrooke and with Davis and Crabtree as big targets There Wr core is a little stronger then Miami. Defense they stack evenlyish but I am still learning them. i guess this is a rant or whatever I am just getting frustrated with myself over this I guess. Any tips on good D for both Miami and SF is what im looking for I guess. I use NYJ and Bal alot because there Amazing on paper and stats just match up very well with other top teams but I want to use the lower ranked teams and get my skill level over the 1 it sits at no matter what
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Default Re: Def playbook for 49ers and/or Miami

You wont find anyone posting tips for our dolphins since people are stuck on the same 5-7 teams/playbooks and copying exploits... but the 49ers have their own 4-6 D ebook from guru. Offensively though if you are a MIA fan, you are sorely over looking Bess who can drag across the field well minimum of 3yrds a catch and Heartline who can slant towards the short side of the field. That isn't explosive but effective in moving the ball and milking clock. On D wise, you know MIA has great LineBackers. As for MIA D I hope with some kind of update, either #6 or #7 Wake is beast because he has been everyweek. You can use the 49ers D ebook for both teams.
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Default Re: Def playbook for 49ers and/or Miami

It's not a 49er D ebook, its a 46 D ebook...Patrick Willis is just on the cover. With that said, the 46 and NYJ defensive playbooks are the best 2 playbooks in the game. I personally use the 46 playbook on D, but with the Dolphins I'd say to give the NYJ playbook a try because of all the 3-4 sets. With the Niners I'd go 46 playbook.
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Default Re: Def playbook for 49ers and/or Miami

i agree with this guy ^^^^^^ (e-city)..46D is just A-Mazing in this game..it has everything i need and even if your team is a 3-4 type of d you can just move ppl around in the depth chart to get a nice front 7! for ex. my broncos are a 3-4 team but i dont like to use 3-4 so i run the 46, and now with the updates my front 7 is pretty nice!
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