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Default HB superstar

i started a hb on superstar and am near the end of regular season and its gotten pretty hard. i did fairly well early in the season. is there a way 2 increase his stats permanatly throughout the game? how should u play the practices? will he get better as i go through seasons or should i start over and just give in and use cheats? if so, what is the best way 2 build him? lots of questions i know but if just one got answered it would help. thanx.
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The quickest way to get better is to find a play that you can score a touchdown on most of the time for practices. I used an outside run against a deep threat zone defense, then use your blocking to come out of each practice with 450.

Set difficulty to rookie

Stats increase more or less permanently based on your performance during GAMES as well, not just practice, so it'll settle you at a level at which you performed during the game, then adjust for practice.

Of course, look for an agent with PI access, and fight for every yard.

If you're on a team that doesn't run much, then just before the game, at the controller select screen, change "Off Playbook" to "Run Heavy" instead of whatever coach might be in there. That should get you some extra carries.

If line blocking is a problem, you can either fight through it or look to get traded.

Those are the standard ways of increasing stats, and they've worked for me, i've got a 99 OVR HB after 2.5 years.
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Default Re: HB superstar

Ok guys... I'm playing Madden 09 and have started several hb's with little success... I read all your posts about practice and all that... but I'm missing something obvious... everyone talks about getting massive points like 100, one guy here even said 450 per practice, but I can only get 10 influence per practice... so whats the difference between points and influence

Sorry for the long post, but I'm a little "slow" on the pick up lol
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