Madden 13 : Free Tips : Set Up Your Defense Faster in Games (6 Tips)

One of the most common questions I see is people who have trouble setting up blitzes that require five or more steps. Don’t get me wrong, I love simplicity as well. Some of my favorite blitzes only need two or  three steps, but it’s good to know everything you could do to set up defenses faster. In today’s tip, I give you six different tips that could help you set up plays with many steps faster.

Video Break­down:

1. Memorize all buttons on controller.
2. Memorize all built-in playmakers and defensive adjustments.
3. Stare at and memorize steps for a break down while in the huddle, recite the play over and over.
4. Start setting up your play a.s.a.p. as huddle breaks.
5. Use left stick + b/circle to move to the player you need to adjust, fast.
6. Tap B/circle to go left to right on DL adjustments

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