Madden 13 : Free Tips : Best Type of Coverage Play

For­ma­tion: Any
Play: Cover 3

1. Depending on your needs, either leave it as is or put one or both of the outside yellow zones in purples or man them up on a TE or slot WR.

Video Break­down:

Today’s Mad­den 13 strat­egy tip is what I think is the best type of base coverage play in the game. I avoided this type of defense much at first and started using a lot of Man and Cover 4, but after a while I came back to this defense and began to have much success with it. The reason I like it is because it is so versatile and is one of the least risky coverages when it comes to getting beat deep. You will usually have three yellow zones across the middle which you can adjust all sorts of ways to try to stop passes in any area of the field.

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