Madden NFL 15 – Detroit & Carolina Defensive Guide

Madden NFL 15 “Detroit + Carolina” Defensive Guide – Buy Now or Learn More

The “Detroit/Carolina” defensive guide for Madden NFL 15 is here and is truly a masterpiece that will take any player wanting to use unique defenses to the next level. 

This year, the use of the 5-2: Normal defense has taken off more than it has in previous years. While the formation is nothing new and been used before, it’s never truly been dominant or easy to create an entire scheme with.

This year, all of this has changed. The 5-2: Normal defense has one of the best run defenses, especially for shutting down the most abused run plays out of Pistol and Gun, as well as providing fast and consistent gap and edge pressure.

If you’re the type to like A and B-gap blitzes, especially by defensive linemen, this guide has more blitzes of this kind than any other. While the latest Madden NFL 15 patch tried to put an end to defensive line pressure, there are certainly still plenty of them, as you will find in this guide.

Whether you’re having trouble stopping the run, locking up money plays, or just want to be more aggressive in your blitzing and yet still retain great coverage, this guide will certainly satisfy all of your needs.

In this guide, I devoted specific material to teaching how to stop many of the most abused tactics, such as stopping the best run plays like Strong Power, HB Counter, and 0 1 Trap, especially out of Pistol.

I also specifically show how I stop drag routes and crossing routes like in Four Verticals, and everything else that is overly-effective and abused this year. I show how these routes are most effectively ran, so this guide could boost your offense as well.

The guide also includes DT A-gap blitzes, DE B-gap blitzes, edge-pressures, two, three, and four-man pressures, and many pressures that a RB or TE cannot block.

The “Detroit & Carolina” Defensive guide features everything from schemes out of 5-2: Normal, 4-3: Over, 4-3 Stack, Quarter: Normal, and more.

Learn how to run all of these powerful formations and much more to their maximum capability using all kinds of defensive line, linebacker, and coverage adjustments that will drive your opponents crazy.

Madden NFL 15 “Detroit + Carolina” Defensive Guide – Buy Now or Learn More

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