Madden 15 Feature Overview – Player Sense 2.0

One of the new features announced in Madden NFL 15 is being called “Player Sense 2.0,” which speaks predominantly to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the players. In other words, this is EA’s attempt at making players seemingly smarter, and thus, more realistic.

To be more specific, EA startes that the AI in Madden NFL 15 will unlock a “human element” to the AI that brings more than 50x calculations related to the context of a computer-controlled player. This includes players engaging in reach tackles, head tracking, and exuding emotions that are related to the situation and surroundings.

One thing that is always welcomed in Madden is animations. You can never have too many animations, as long as they are realistic. The more animations you have, the more variety you will see and will make the visuals less redundant than in past years.

EA also claims that coverage defense has taken a big leap with players taking smarter approaches to swat vs. interception decisions, covering the flats, and breaking on throws.

Let us know in the comments if these are features you have been looking forward to and if you believe they will be as good as advertised.



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