Madden 15 Features – Developer Q&A

madden 15 features

Madden NFL 15 Creative Director Rex Dickson was answering questions on twitter recently about the upcoming game. While the developer only answered eight of the top questions, EA felt the questions were worthy of posting on their blog. Below sums up the information Rex gave about each question.

• The new defensive camera is available in online matchups.
• The new defensive camera is optional and is a toggle option on the D-Pad in pre-play.
• Man and Zone coverage have been completely overhauled.
• Progressive lighting is in the game and will be most noticeable in 4:15 p.m. games.
• There are changes to game modes which will be announced in upcoming weeks.
• New offensive features include matchup stick, new blocking animations, REAL AI for QB’s, and pass accuracy.
• Ratings now matter for kicking and punting.
• Kick meter has a new interface as well as new kick arc graphic.

It’s nice to know that some of the ratings now matter, as silly as that might sound. Overall, it’s good to see the developers focusing more on the smaller details of the game. Keep in mind that the changes noted here are only those mentioned in the article. There are many other new features and tweaks to Madden NFL 15.



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