Madden 15 Ratings Czar – Meet Donny Moore

Perhaps no one at EA Sports’ Madden NFL team gets more heat and complaints than Mr. Donny Moore, also known as The Madden ‘Ratings Czar,’ a term coined by Dan Patrick during Madden 10.

Everyone has an opinion on how fast, strong, aware—you name it, a player should be. Most of the times, these complaints come from Madden gamers, but sometimes, Donny Moore has to hear it from an NFL player himself.

A video just launched by Bleacher Report highlights the story and details of Donny Moore, a former UCF political science major who won a NCAA Football tournament back in 2001 and was immediately offered a job by EA Sports to test future games. He eventually moved up in the company and is now completely in charge of over 2200 players in Madden NFL.

The video also goes into some of the interesting details of the fallible nature of Madden ratings, citing an example of a situation where Kerry Rhodes complained that, out of all things, his Throw Power (THP) rating was errantly low compared to Nick Mangold. This prompted a throwing competition captured on YouTube which Kerry Rhodes won, prompting the Ratings Czar  to increase his (THP) from 19 to a range between 55 and 60.

Nonetheless, it’s good to see the reality behind the scenes of Madden ratings. The fact is, many ratings are just arbitrary. Perhaps one day EA Sports can hire several other people at this position to ease the workload and get a fairer view of what player ratings should be.



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