Madden 15 Skills Trainer – Passing Concepts Details

Madden is becoming a more intricate game as the developers try to increase the level of realism that you find in the video game. As the became becomes more authentic, sometimes the addition of features and new elements can tend to make things a big more complicated, especially for someone new to the game. This is why Madden NFL now comes with a Skills Trainer mode which can help you practice specific aspects of the game in order to get you ready for battle.

One of the new goals for Madden NFL 15 was to make defense a funner experience. After the first iteration of Madden NFL on Next Gen consoles was a bit of a disaster on defense, this was exactly what needed the most improvement as far as gameplay. One of the new drills in the Skills trainer mode is meant to teach you hot to attack different types of coverages.


Attacking Coverages

In the “Skills Trainer” mode, there are 19 new drills that focus on teaching players about the passing game and how to attack coverages. The first seven of these drills specifically are focus on attacking Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, Cover 6, and countering blitzes. The drills go as deep as even helping you learn how to make progressive reads which will help your timing when trying to pass against certain coverages.


The drill will also teach you the weaknesses in teach defense, as you can see in the photo above, which illustrates the hot spots where you would ideally attack a Cover 3. The mode will let you practice against the air first and then will let you practice in a full, 11-on-11 drill.

Passing Concepts

The following 12 drills will be based on teaching you some passing concepts and combination routes which will show you how multiple routes can work together to create open receiving options. The drills specifically consist of the following types of routes and reads: Curl Flat Read, Stick Read, Smash Read, Verticals Read, Slant Flat, Flood Read, Levels Pass, Drive Pass, Shallow Cross Pass, Spot Pass, Spacing Pass and Dagger Pass.


In the photo above, you can see a screenshot showing an example of what it will look like as the Skill Trainer teaches you to run one of the most basic types of route combinations which is the Curl Flat tactic, which consists of a Curl route, and someone in the Flat, hence the name. You will also learn about who your Primary receiver should be in certain types of passing concepts, so you know who to look for first.

Let me know if you think these types of features will help, or if you think they will at least be fun to play in the comments!



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