Madden 16 eBooks on Offense and Defense Released

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The night is finally here… it’s Madden Season!

I know that those of you who bought the EA Access have been playing for some days now, and the feedback has been phenomenal. But for those of you who have yet to get some time on the game, it will take some getting used to—but boy will you end up loving this game. Tons of new animations, new formations, new plays… and the new WR-DB interaction is off the charts!

But I will tell you this… finding a good offense (scheme) will be tougher than usual this year. Not because the defensive AI got a lot better per se, but because so much on offense that was overpowered got very toned down or completely eliminated.

Have no worries though, because I’ve done all the dirty work for you. I scored through all the playbooks and found the two that I think will be one of the two most powerful, if not the most powerful. That way you can spend less time trying to find stuff and more time enjoying the actual gameplay. And like always, I handpicked the best formations and the best plays, and designed extremely versatile schemes out of each one.

So below, I introduce to you the Madden NFL 16 Dallas and New Orleans offensive playbook guides!

Oh and before I forget, I had to find and put together some of the best defenses that will likely be found all year in one of the most unique, yet effective defensive playbooks, the Madden NFL 16 NE Patriots defense. And best of all, you can get it in MUT. So now, you’re ready for Day One.

And let me just say that the level of heat in this guide is as real as it’s ever been. There’s DEs and DTs shooting through, OLBs and MLBs, you name it. But just so you know, I’m still adding stuff to the defensive guide as we speak, but there’s still plenty in there now for you to get you off to a extremely competitive start.

To learn more about each guide, simply click the cover of your choice or the Buy Now or Learn More links below.

Madden NFL 16 “Dallas” Offensive Guide – Buy Now or Learn More
Madden NFL 16 “NO Saints” Offensive Guide- Buy Now or Learn MoreDefense:
Madden NFL 16 “NE Patriots” Defensive Guide – Buy Now or Learn More
If you have questions about these guides or anything else, you can simply respond to this email.
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