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When talking about Madden guides, it’s good to start off with some history. If you go back about about 9 years to Madden NFL 06, there was only two or three Madden strategy providers, one being yours truly, Madden Gurus. In the past several years, many have popped up trying to sell Madden strategy. These include folks who have gotten Madden Gurus strategies and tried to resell the very same content as their own, and many other folks who believe they can take what they’ve learned from Madden Gurus and bring the same level of quality and experience to the table overnight.

Are there strategy providers that provide good strategy? Of course, but list is short. Here’s a few things to look for:

1. An established provider with an actual website. Many people throw up a YouTube channel, touting great content, and show a few samples of something they probably didn’t find and then try to sell you something in a description/comment box or some free site. Be weary of these sellers, as they are the characteristics of those that come and go.

2. A site that has been around for a while. Many sites come and go, and the reason is because they can’t keep customers coming back because the customers feel ripped off from their first purchase. Running a site is not terribly expensive, so when you see sites coming and going, it’s very bad news. This is not to say a new site can’t be legitimate, but it really depends on the past credentials of the owner(s).

3. Professionalism from the ownership. Pay attention to the behavior of the owner(s) of the site, because this is the person who you will be dealing with during a financial transaction. Many people selling Madden strategy are very openly childish, which in and of itself is out-putting. Look to do business with someone who behaves like an adult should and respects others and communicates professionally.

4. Quality in the guide sales presentation. When it comes to buying Madden Guides, you often get what you pay for. Often times you will see a low quality and very short (if any) sales presentation, and then a Buy Now button. Do not be surprised when you get the guide and it looks like it was thrown together in a couple hours or is extremely not user-friendly.

5. Credentials of the guide-writer. Find out who is creating the guide and what are their credentials. Have they ever won large (not just video game store) in-person tournaments? Are they known for coming up with great strategies? Or are they just someone who posts tons of gameplay videos on youtube?

What separates Madden Gurus from the rest

History and Reputation

Madden Gurus has been providing Madden guides as long as any other still-running providers, and is the longest-standing Madden website with the same ownership.

Emphasis on Integrity and Quality

Since its origin, Madden Gurus has never provided “Madden tip subscriptions” due to its many problems and detrimental effects to Madden guides. Sites who provide madden tip subscriptions have several undesirable problems when having a subscription plan, which include either (1) selling incomprehensive playbooks guides in order to save content for the subscription, (2) sell ing”comprehensive” playbook guides, but then then use content for the subscription that can only be found in a few rare playbooks which isn’t of much use, or (3) selling duplicate content to those who buy the guides and the subscription.

Madden Gurus cares more about the integrity of the strategy and it’s products to ever provide such a dilution to the strategy content. Instead, Madden Gurus provides more value by selling Madden guides (only a one-time cost) and then updating it to make sure it stays competitive as the year goes along.

Another aspect of Madden Gurus is that we have never provided pre-orders until a product is proven. A large majority of our competitors are desiring to sell you something before they’ve even seen footage of the upcoming game.

Professional and Competitive Ownership

Madden Gurus has been led by Peter (aka Reminisce) since it’s creation in 2006. Peter has won numerous tournaments, including the Tampa Madden Challenge and several other tournaments in South Florida held by the South Florida Madden Ballers, and others. His Madden strategy experience includes creating tournament-winning schemes, breaking down nearly every playbook in Madden NFL mulitple times, nearly 100 Madden guides created, etc. With a knack for what to look for and how to find it, you can expect the best strategies at the earliest points of the season from Madden Gurus.



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