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Madden Players’ Madden NFL 16 “46” Defensive Guide
Designed for: Madden NFL 16 on Playstation 4 & Xbox One
Based on: 46 Defensive Playbook


The 46 defensive playbook in Madden NFL 16 is the most unique of its kind, featuring the most formations not found in any other playbook. Since such few playbooks have all these formations, people are less likely to be used to playing against it, making it surprising and tougher to adjust to.

As we have seen in the first few weeks of Madden 16, the 46 formations have been the most neglected in terms of strategy. While it’s not easy to find good pressure without sending the house, finding good pressure sending only 3 or 4 players is certainly possible, and this guide contains a lot of that, some of which a blocking running back just won’t pick up.Not to mention, this guide and playbook contains possibly the best run defense in the game out of the 46: Normal. And to make things even better, I bring you a 46: Normal Scheme so large that it currently spans 8 different setups, four of which work out of virtually any play. The blitzes span anywhere from 3-5 rushers, unless it’s a dual-pressure that an extra blocker can’t pick up. Pair this with the best run defense and you could virtually sit in this 46: Normal the whole game, shut down the run and pass, and disguise everything.

In this guide, you will find plenty of three-to-four man rush blitzes, A and B-gap blitzes, blitzes that a running back or TE don’t block whether they’re slide-protecting or not, dual-edge pressure, multiple run defenses to blow up the tosses and inside runs, coverage defense to strangle aggressive catches, and much more. I left nothing on the table with the content in this guide, nor with the effort and level of quality that I put into it.

And most of all, the blitzes are consistent. The first thing some folks will tell you to try to lower your expectations immensely is that you can’t run the same blitz too many times or the offensive line will adjust. That is completely false, and please don’t believe that. Consistency in blitzes exists, it just takes hard work to find the right blitzes.

Our 46: Normal comes loaded with over 7 video breakdowns that consist of: run defense, A-Gap and B-Gap blitzes, edge pressure, dual pressure, and setups that can work out of just about any play in the formation. 3-4: Bear comes packed with incredible A-Gap, B-Gap, Edge blitzes, and Dual pressures that are easy to setup. Our 46: Bear Underand Big: Nickel Bear bring their own set of unique blitzes that can attack every gap an edge on the offensive line.

Last but not least, our Dollar: 3-2-6, is loaded with a very in-depth 5 play scheme with over 8 different setups to get B-gap, and dual edge pressure that extra blocking or slide protecting has no chance of picking up. I also threw in some great blitzes that I found in 4-4: Split and Nickel: 3-3-5 Sam.

If you’re the type to like A and B-gap blitzes, especially by defensive linemen, this guide is absolutely loaded.

And the dreaded I Form, Strong I, and Weak I Quick Toss and inside runs… the Run Defense in this guide locks that up tightly. I spent several hours specifically trying to figure out how to stop that run scheme—don’t let it make you a victim. And aggressive catching? I show you how to shut that down as best as possible too while still getting nano-type pressure.

Whether you’re having trouble stopping the run, locking up money plays, or just want to be more aggressive in your blitzing and yet still retain great coverage, this guide will certainly satisfy all of your needs.

The guide also includes DT A-gap blitzes, DE B-gap blitzes, edge-pressures, 3-man pressures, 4-man pressures, and pressures that an RB or TE cannot block.

The “46” Defensive guide features everything from schemes out of 46: Normal, 3-4: Bear, 45: Bear Under, Dollar 3-2-6, Big Nickel Bear, 4-4 Split, and more.

Learn how to run all of these powerful formations to their maximum capability and much more using all kinds of defensive line, linebacker, and coverage adjustments that will drive your opponents crazy.

“These guides not only have the most content, but the best content out of any guide I’ve ever purchased for madden. You usually have to pick between quality and quantity, but this site is certainly an exception…” — Jack

I know that time is valuable, and that is why this guide will not waste your time with endless paragraphs or long, rambling videos. Everything in the guide is direct and straight to the point so that you can get to playing instead of studying.

With this guide, learning is easier than ever as you can just hit the play button, sit back, and watch as we show you all the minor details of running these schemes in a matter of minutes. On top of that, each play comes with short, typed up steps as well so that you have all the most important information that you need to know when you are in the middle of gameplay.

This is extremely important if you need to look something important up during a match and you don’t have much time in between plays.

Now, when you’re playing, you have all the knowledge and information that you need at your fingertips by just clicking around in our quick-links system so you won’t have to watch a whole video to know what the play is supposed to accomplish.




Originally Posted by Jack
These guides not only have the most content, but the best content out of any guide I’ve ever purchased for madden. You usually have to pick between quality and quantity, but this site is certainly an exception to that rule. I couldn’t ask for anything more in terms of quality, quantity, and customer service.



Originally Posted by Kendrick
I like when people get to the point when explaining things… Your guides are perfect no bs just straight and to the point, very easy to understand, and you have great stuff that actually works in game and on all game modes and skill levels…


Originally Posted by Erik
I used to buy ebooks from MD and yours are so much easier to follow for a casual player like me, that 46 defense had me winning games yesterday. You definitely have a new customer now..the way you answer questions personally with this chat feature is the bomb. their ebooks are too overwhelming to be honest you hit the nail on the head when you said you’ll be studying more than playing… It’s almost like they want to make super long videos to just distract you from the fact that their content is lacking. I just wanna watch for a few minutes then try the stuff lol.. These are perfect thanks man.
Types of Defenses Included

3-5 Man D-line Nanos (Blitz where the Defensive Lineman dart in untouched sending only 3-5 rushers)

DT A-Gaps, DE A-Gaps, DE B-Gaps, Dual Edge Pressures, Edge pressures, and more.

Blitzes that get in smoothly even given extra blockers on offense

Run defenses to blow up the dreaded Strong: Close Toss and inside runs

The best defense to stop Aggressive Catch abusers

Several Blanketing Coverage Defenses that confuse and cause mistakes

No blitz sends more pass-rushers than there are blockers


Concepts and Features Included

 Who Should I Control on Defense?

 Who Should I try NOT to Control on Defense?

 Adjusting Your Coverages Behind Blitzes

The Most Important Facts about Blitzing in Madden NFL 16

  Blitzes are marked out for your convenience

Audible, Depth Chart, & Substitutions Recommendations and Advice

Guide content works with ANY team

Each play is fully optimized to its ultimate capabilities

A “Quick setup” text write-up for each play

Quick-link system to help move around the guide fast when playing



Crystal Clear 1080p HD Videos and Voice-overs for each Play

24/7 email support with our lead strategist about Madden NFL 16 strategy

Updatable content – Updates when new defenses are found or get patched

Printer-friendly version of the guide includedᴺᴱᵂ

Playbook, Schemes and Formations Broken Down

All breakdowns and plays are found in the 46 Playbook

46: Normal – Scheme

46: Bear Under – Scheme

3-4: Bear – Scheme

Big: Nickel Bear – Scheme

Dollar: 3-2-6 – Scheme

4-4: Split – Play

Nickel: 3-3-5 Sam – Play

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