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Madden Season is now in full effect, and as you may have already experienced, finding not just a good offense, but a great offense, this year is much harder now than in years past.

Man defense has been revamped tremendously. Zones are a lot smarter. Offensive players are slower, and a lot of unprecedented limitations are in place, such as the inability to hot-route or make any adjustments to certain plays like those with auto-motions and half-back screens. Given these limitations, it’s necessary to have a playbook with a good number of unique routes and route-combinations to destroy man and zone easily with little to no adjustments necessary.

With this said, I introduce you to the New England offensive playbook guide for Madden NFL 16.

The New England offensive playbook this year is utterly stacked with some of the best routes that beat man and zone, great run plays, and possibly the best Gun formation in the game, the Gun: Split Close Pats. On top of that, I broke down elite schemes out of Gun: Trips TE, Gun: Trips Y Iso, and Gun: Tight Doubles On for some immense firepower.

Last but not least, I alsobrought in some under center with Singleback: Bunch Base and I-Form: Twins to balance the guide out with some great running plays and under center passing plays to complement the rest of the guide.

Ultimately, this guide will teach you all the new nuances to beating Man and Zone coverage and running the ball in Madden NFL 16, hidden strategies to make certain routes more effective, show you what’s effective and overpowered, as well as show you how to run a comprehensive arsenal of curated plays and formations from one of the best offensive playbooks in the game.

New England has an incredible playbook this year, and I’m positive you will benefit greatly from these breakdowns. Learn how to run all of these powerful formations and much more to their maximum capability with every type of hot-route, motion, and adjustments that will drive your opponents crazy.
And I know that time is valuable. That is why this guide will not waste your time with endless paragraphs or long, rambling videos. Everything in the guide is direct and straight to the point so that you can get to playing instead of studying.

With this guide, learning is easier than ever as you can just hit the play button and sit back and watch as we show you all the minor details of running these schemes in a matter of minutes. On top of that, each play comes with short, typed up steps along with a list of chronological passing reads and progressions to use against Man and Zone, so that you have all the most important information that you need to know when you are in the middle of gameplay.

This is extremely important if you need to look something up during a match and you don’t have much time in-between plays.

Now, when you’re playing, you have all the knowledge and information that you need at your fingertips by just clicking around in our quick-links system, so you won’t have to watch a whole video to know what the play is supposed to accomplish.

“This guide shows way more ways to beat coverages more than any other guide I’ve seen.” – P A U L K 1 N G


Originally Posted by David
Thanks Pete I’ve been a customer and a fan of your work for years now. I’ve been waiting for this guide to come out for some time now because I assumed you would make it given some of the new plays in it… I was wondering what took so long, but after finally seeing the guide and all the work put in it made sense. Running this offense is very easy and fun once you have a written out and organized strategy to follow. I love how you break down every play and season so many different passing concepts into them. You did a terrific job on this, as always.


Originally Posted by Freeman
I haven’t lost a money game since I started running your split close scheme man. I was having a lot of trouble beating man defense this year for some reason, but now I WISH someone would run man on me after that one route you showed in the guide (you know what I’m talking about) and several others. That trick you showed with the running back to beat man and that one glitchy route in split close pats that gets absolutely NAKED against 2 man even with safeties over the top is just out of control… it’s like a one play touch down if someone in any kind of man and doesn’t manually cover it. Dudes must be like WTH just happened when I do it LOL. Overall, love it bro. You always coming up with craziest offense.


Originally Posted by P A U L K 1 N G
This guide shows way more ways to beat coverages more than any other guide I’ve seen. I got an NE guide somewhere else this year and it just doesn’t compare. It sounded like the mug who made that other guide had literally just got the game, hit the record button, and started making up senseless adjustments and bad read recommendations on the fly, just chaos. Half of the video commentary consisted of excuses for the repeated failed illustrations smh.

I like how you show about every possible way to beat man and zone out of each play broken down, and exactly how to progress with the reads against man and zone separately. I barely have to think or even remember anything when I play now with these setups and reads. Just a flawless product, so for that, I’m grateful.

Concepts and Features Included

Man and Zone beaters, Unbumpable routes, & Hot Reads against the Blitz

Chronological Reads & Progressions for Each Play vs Man and Zone

Guide content works with ANY team –  No Fast QBs Required

Top 5 Pass and Top 3 Run play are marked out:

Audible, Depth Chart, & Substitutions Recommendations and Advice

Each play is fully optimized to its ultimate capabilities to attack Man & Zone

A “Quick setup” text write-up for each play

Quick-link system to help move around the guide fast when playing

Crystal Clear 1080p HD Videos and Voice-overs for Each Play

24/7 email support with our lead strategist about Madden NFL 16 strategy

Updatable content – Get updates when new, notable strategies are found

Playbook, Schemes, and Formations Broken Down

New England (NE) – Playbook

Gun: Split Close Pats – Mega Scheme

Gun: Trips TE – Scheme

Gun: Trips Y Iso – Scheme

Gun: Tight Doubles On – Scheme

I-Form – Twins – Scheme

Singleback: Bunch Ace – Scheme

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Madden NFL 16 “New England” Offensive Guide – Buy Now or Learn More

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