Madden NFL 16 Top 5 Running backs

Today we become aware of the top 5 running backs in Madden NFL 16 with the highest Overall rating at launch, as well as a few of their other ratings.

  1. Marshawn Lynch – 96 Overall: Beast Mode starts with league-best 99 Stiff Arm, 98 Trucking, and 89 Strength. Would you believe 94 Juke Move? Add Lynch’s 91 ELUS/88 ACC/85 SPD and you have a one-man wrecking crew.
  2. Adrian Peterson – 95 Overall: Peterson brings the power with 88 Strength and 94 Trucking. He has 90 Speed and 92 Elusiveness, and he’s got all the moves with 96 SFA/95 JKM/94 SPM.
  3. Jamaal Charles – 94 overall: Charles has everything you want in an all-purpose back, including 95 ELUS/92 SPD/92 ACC/98 AGI. You want moves? He has 97 Juke Move and 94 Spin Move. Don’t forget the league-best 86 CTH.
  4. Demarco Murray – 94 Overall: The newly-minted Philadelphia Eagle brings 96 Trucking and 97 Stiff Arm to the City of Brotherly Love. He’s hard to tackle with 97 JKM/95 ELUS/94 SPM, and hard to catch with 89 SPD/91 ACC/98 AGI.
  5. Le’Veon Bell – 94 Overall: Bell is a dependable, every-down back with league-best 99 Carrying. He adds 83 Catching for third down, and has speed with 88 SPD/95 ELUS/97 JKM. Up the middle, he brings 84 TRK/92 SFA.


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