Madden guides have been around for over a decade and have usually been a helpful resources for Madden gamers. Madden NFL has been evolved a lot in the past decade  and has made the game a bit more complicated, yet more realistic.

In addition to the game becoming more complicated, cheats and exploits may add an element to the game which creates a deeper learning curve for not only newcomers, but seasoned gamers who have yet to figure out the new cheats an exploits or learned counters. By definition, I like to think of a cheat as something that is not counter-able, for example a disconnect glitch. But exploits, although very similar in meaning, are typically counterable, such as a play or route that is unusually or unrealistically effective.

The Madden guides at never teach cheats and mainly focus on teaching you how to create offenses and defenses that are easy to set up and run, which ultimately decrease room for error and increase your success.

All of our Madden guides come with HD video and voice overs in a short and easy to learn format. Each guide is also fully compatible on any device that can load webpages, such as a PC, Mac, tablet, or any smartphone.

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