Four Characteristics of Elite Madden Players

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Using the most effective playbook

This characteristic might seem like common sense, but it’s one of the most important. Competitive Madden players typically change their “base” playbook year-to-year in order to find the most effective plays and schemes. The number one criteria for playbook-guides broken down by every year is on overall effectiveness.

Finding a Team that fits your Scheme

Some gamers like to use their favorite NFL team in real life, but to be able to beat anyone at any time, you really need a team that fits your scheme. If your scheme is very heavy on the run, you want the team with one of the better offensive lines and running backs. The same idea goes for if your scheme is heavy in the pass. Sometimes your scheme is mostly based off of one attribute of one player, such as running back speed or the height of your WR. Either way, find the scheme that you think is most effective, then find the way to supplement that scheme with particular players.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect, so you want to be able to run your schemes like it’s second nature. Run your favorite plays and schemes hundreds of times against random defenses so that nothing ever throws you off, and learn how to adjust when the defense finds a good defense to stop your game plan.

Have Multiple Schemes

You could have the best scheme in the world, but nowadays, Madden’s defense is sophisticated enough to allow defensive players to adjust to try to shut down your offense. Yes, some things are overpowered, but there is typically a way to slow everything down. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your scheme. You can either run one scheme until its stopped and then switch to another, or go back and forth between schemes constantly to make it even tougher to adjust.

These are the main characteristics that come to my mind when it comes to how to win more, and win consistently. I’d like to hear your feedbacks or questions in the comments, or just email me through the Support Page on the main menu of this page.

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