Madden NFL 15 – Developer Twitch Stream Shows New Details

madden 15 features

The EA Sports team got active on their Twitch account recently to mainly talk about gameplay in Madden NFL 15. The entire stream lasted just short of 1 hour and 21 minutes and was hosted by Creative Director Rex Dickson Ryan “RG” Glick.

They started off by showing screenshots of topics that they wanted to discuss, many of which are the same as the recently released video tackling mechanics which covers the new tackling cone discussed in this blog. They next began to talk about Coverage defense, prefacing it with an apology for the state of defensive coverage for the next gen systems calling it “soft, problematic, and difficult to stop drives”  and claiming that that will certainly not be the case this year. The biggest improvement they claim is the way defenders close in on receptions during zone coverage.

The next topic of discussion was pass accuracy and catch variety, with the biggest new aspect being mildly inaccurate passes instead of just perfect and terribly inaccurate passes.

Some of the highlights from the video include:

  • Many new catch animations
  • Players make attempts at uncatchable balls
  • Bigger differentiation between average and elite QB’s
  • All new pass accuracy system which includes mildly inaccurate passes, while still remaining catchable
  • New QB AI which means that the CPU QB’s will make reads and adjustments like the real life QB
  • New Pre-play adjustments: Max Protection, Adjust Coverage Technique, Protect the sticks, Buff Blitz, etc.
  • Outside rushers in a “9 technique” now take an outside angle to set the edge to prevent outside runs
  • “Bluff Blitz” – A new hot-route where defenders make their initial move to rush the QB then drop back
  • “Protect the sticks” – This is the counter to “smart-routing” on offense, which will draw your hook, buzz, or flat zones to the first down marker
  • Replaced “Aggressive Pass Protection” with “Max Pass Protection” which outs all TE’s and RB’s in blocking assignments with one adjustment
  • New defensive plays with built in disguised defenses such as one called “Cover 2 Show 4”
  • New QB Contain mechanic that makes rushers not rush hard but play pat-a-cake with the linemen just to keep the QB contained

Then they jumped into practice mode to try to some some of the new features with real-time commentary. The first example was the mention of new “wide” formations such as Nickel 3-3-5 Wide, as a remedy to stop powerful outside runs like the Buck Sweep out of shotgun.

Watch live video from EASPORTS on Twitch


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