Madden NFL 15 Features – New Tackling Mechanics

madden 15 tackling

One of the latest gameplay trailers for Madden NFL 15 features some of the new tackling mechanics we can expect to make use of in the upcoming football game. Tackling has been a weak area in the franchise, especially last year with the stiff arm glitch that could slap an unlimited amount of defenders to the ground if timed right with players like Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore.

In the new video, EA says they have now made tackling more engaging and accessible. When you click on to a defender in Madden NFL 15, you should see an all-new “tackle cone” which is defaulted to “on” in the Rookie, Pro, and All-Pro skill levels of the game. This new “tackle cone” will somehow indicate to you when the perfect time to execute the tackle will occur. Once you are in position to make the tackle, you are to hold down the left trigger and and hit X for a “precision breakdown tackle.” For more types of controls, you can press Square for an aggressive tackle or X for a conservative tackle.

When you initiate an aggressive tackle at close range, you will attempt to perform a big hit on a power back. But if the ball carrier is outside of the tackle cone, you can take the riskier approach of pressing Square to perform a dive tackle.

Thankfully, the much-loved hit-stick is still in the game which can still be using by using the right stick to line up your opponent. Conservative tackles will also be effective to tackle speedy and agile backs in open space.

Make sure you are aware of, practice, and master these new tackling mechanics as soon as the game releases so that you know if they are worth using situationally.


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