Madden NFL 15 – “Legion of Boom” Defensive Guide


The “Legion of Boom” defensive guide for Madden NFL 15 is finally here after a very long time of rigorous testing and tweaking, and it is now available in its fully polished form.

Madden NFL 15 “Legion of Boom” Defensive Guide – Buy Now or Learn More

Even though Madden NFL 15 has put forth the largest defensive improvement in history, finding fast and consistent pressure might be harder than it’s ever been before.

The new and improved dynamic nature of Madden NFL’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) makes the offensive line much smarter, creating more realistic interaction in the trenches.

And sure, zone defense has improved tremendously. For example, flat zones now will usually stop outs, curls, and corners, but the new A.I. has created other glaring vulnerabilities, as now commonly seen in the abuse of drag routes, flat routes, wheels, screens, etc.

Lastly, the run game is as extremely overpowered as it was last year, as noted if you run a select few run plays, such as the ones that I broke down in the Denver guide.

The Legion of Boom defensive guide comes to the rescue, featuring everything from 4-3: Stack, 46: Bear Under, the new 4-3: Wide 9, and many other formations.

Learn how to run all of these powerful formations and much more to their maximum capability with every type of hot-route, motion, and adjustments that will drive your opponents crazy.

Madden NFL 15 “Legion of Boom” Defensive Guide – Buy Now or Learn More

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