Madden NFL 15 New Feature – War in the Trenches 2.0


Madden NFL 15 has received many new improvements this year, one being some new aspects to defensive and offensive line interaction which is being called “War in the Trenches 2.0.” Many fans were complaining and providing EA Sports feedback on their not being able to make an impact on defense on every play and that playing defense just wasn’t fun, especially on Next Gen systems. But now, Madden NFL 15 provides some of the best new tackling and pass rush tools that have ever been seen in a football video game.

To get into more specifics, pressing left on the D-Pad will activate a new defensive camera angle that focuses on the player you are controlling. If you want to lock onto a specific player using that same defensive camera angle, then just press right on the D-Pad. When controlling a pass rusher, pulling the right trigger while perfectly timing the snap will give you a small boost off the line, giving you a slight advantage over an offensive lineman. But beware, if you poorly time the snap count it can result in your player losing it’s balance, getting pancake-blocked, or an offsides penalty.

Once the ball has been snapped, you are now capable to do some new moves, some of which are signature moves attributed to certain elite players. For example, once you’re engaged with a lineman, you can use the left stick to steer a lineman to close up a QB’s scrambling lane, or shift the offensive lineman’s weight and set them up for a pass-rushing maneuver. And when you’re controlling a powerful lineman like J.J. Watt or Suh, you can press Square to do a power move.

Using a speed rusher, pressing X will perform contextual finesse moves like swims and spins.



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