Madden NFL 15 New Game Mode – The Gauntlet

madden 15 gauntlet

Madden NFL 15 will introduce a new “skills trainer” game mode to their main menu called The Gauntlet. Somewhat of a variation of practice mode or the skills trainer from Madden NFL 25, the Gauntlet expands on those previous game modes by adding new drills which seem to include more intense swatting drills, oklahoma drills, one-on-one tackling drills while being encircled by your team, and tough “boss challenges” where you must attempt to complete passes within a certain part of the field. There will also be a way in which you can challenge friends with your top scores, but there was no information as to whether this challenge with friends can be done online or only in person.

A website called GoodGameBro mentioned that some of the boss-level challenges includes kicking a 107 yard field goal from your own end-zone in 230 mph winds, going from one end-zone to the other behind 11 offensive linemen while trying to avoid 15-20 tacklers, and throwing to WR’s in specific hot zones of the field against many defenders.



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