Madden NFL 16 Skills Trainer Mode Details

The skills trainer, by popular demand, is back to Madden NFL 16. This is the mode commonly known to help new Madden gamers get acquainted with the controls, although slightly different from actual practice mode. If you’re new to this Madden series, this is the mode that also allows you to typically earn A few Madden ultimate team cards in the process to help boost your team.

There are more than 60 drills and tutorials in the game and you can still play the skills trainer on all four difficulties, which include rookie, Provo, all pro, and all Madden. It is also mentioned that if you play the skills training mode on rookie or pro,  you will be presented with a few extra tutorials for your assistance.


The skills training mode will help you break down each position on the field and it’s role. The skills trainer will also teach you how to run, pass, and play defense and special teams.

The skills trainer will also let you learn and practice different ball carrier moves. The more reps a player gets, the more comfortable the ball will be to hold.


It’s tutorial shows how to perform a new mechanics in Madden NFL 16, and also when is the appropriate situation to use them, as well as pros and cons.The real world section of skills trainer has been expanded to include a section to run concepts. A lot of Madden players car wrong place without knowing what to look for in order to make the play is effective as possible. This year, skills trainer will break down the most popular run concepts. And show you were on the field you should run based on blocking and how the defense reacts.

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