Existing Customer Questions

I bought an eBook. Where is it?

Pre Sale Questions

I don't have a PayPal account. How can I buy a guide?

I only have a Gift Card or a Prepaid credit card that PayPal isn't accepting. How can I buy a guide?

Do you offer any discounts?

Do your eBooks work on Mac, phones, tablets, and for game modes like MUT, CFM, Ranked, Draft Champions, and others?

How do I create and/or view an account on this website? How does it this site work?

How do your eBooks/Guides work? Are they physically mailed to me, downloaded, or viewed online?

Do you have guides available for Madden games older than this year's game?

eBook Content Related Questions

What is the purpose of your guides?

What do guides consist of?

Can I use your strategy guides with any team? Why do they have a team name?

Are your guides for competitive, experienced Madden players, or for the casual/newbie gamer?

Are your guides the typical madden glitch and madden exploit guide that I always see?

Do you provide any form of subscription plan for weekly tips like other sites provide?

What is the difference between your guides, and all the other competitors?

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