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Hi Peter, I just want to let you know that I am 100% satisfied with your ebook…This is hands down the best ebook I have ever purchased and I have wasted money on a few to tell me things I already know about the game…Your instructions are straight forward and easy to understand and everything works to perfection just like advertised.I also like the fact that you give a lot of plays instead of just s few…I can tell that you put a lot of time and effort in to creating this guide because of the quality…best money ever spent!

Darius A.


Just want to say thanks not only for the great service, the unparalleled customer service and UNMATCHED products. The 4 guides I’ve brought this year has taken my game to places I’ve never been before. I’ve seen such a dramatic change in my game since the purchase that’s I’ve already brought 4 guides in the last month and, have used them to customize my own playbook. Thanks again!



Hey bro I just wanted to shoot you some feedback on this guide because I think you deserve to hear it. This was hands down the best defensive guide I ever bought, period. I’m currently on an 11 game winning streak and I typically don’t allow more than 6 points a game. All kidding aside, just the 3 man nano in here is worth MUCH more than the price of the guide, given how much I’ve won using it. It’s hard enough to run the ball with most run plays in this game, but trying to pass against this? Forget about it.. lol. Thanks so much for not holding back and giving your customers the best.



Here’s what I would tell people… If you’re tired of amateur madden guides full of 6 man blitzes with terrible coverage, inconsistent pressure, supposed run defenses that don’t stop jack, and coverage defenses that constantly get torched and scrambled on with the QB, just do yourself a BIG favor and get this guide. You won’t regret it. This is the only reputable site I know of that I can trust not to rush out some inferior nonsense to make a quick buck. For that, I give you a big “THANK YOU.”



It’s guides like this that make me love madden gurus. I’ve never been so confident in my offense until I saw the breakdowns in this guide and practiced them for myself. I’m telling you. I’ve bought guides from just about every tip site and youtube channel that was selling just so I could see for myself who really had the best guides and you guys are in the lead by a long shot. And it’s one thing for your guys guides to just be the most effective, but the layout and the work put into it makes it that much easier to consume and refer to while in a hell game. Props to this site man.

Kenny S.


Hey man I just got your ebook and i gotta say wow. I was never the type to even buy ebooks because i never believed they worked until i saw your philly offensive guide and wow i mean WOW… pure genius. I’ve moved up several levels since yesterday. Im a big fan now can’t wait for your defensives. Thanks alot for making them your truly r a guru.

Jed H.


Last Madden I purchased was 10, purchased your Saints O book. Love loved it. This year I bought 12, thought I would give another someone a chance check out playbooks from other places. Gotta be honest, felt really uncomfortable with those PBs, so I went with your Houston book. So sorry I even went any where else, your playbooks are head and shoulders above anything else I have seen. My game has been elevated with your schemes today. I’m sorry, cause I could have many more wins.

A Big Big Thank You,


Awesome writeup. The guide can be used for sim style or hardcore style. He really breaks things down and does a great explanation of why certain routes run. Love the logic and the time you guys have put in this book.



I’m running up the score so high now that these cats don’t even want to finish the game. I didn’t know if this was going to help when I bought because I’ve been playing Madden since the Sega Genesis days. This guide really does make the game more enjoyable…… there was a couple times before I purchased the guide that I feared for my PS3 controllers life but, not now I just can’t wait to grab the sticks. I just can’t wait to see what other products will be available. These guides are a most have just like buying Madden ever year.

Thanks, Toney


I bought your guide and that’s what I use. Thank you so much for your hard work. I’m in the army with a wife and a kid and I don’t have time to lab anymore. Your guide has helped me so much, way better than duke and shutdowns guide. Keep up the good work.



I am going on record as saying, from my experience in buying other e-books, this guide IS BOMB!!!! I bought this yesterday. I had a problem not receiving it, and after literally 5 minutes, received a link from the man himself stating his apologies and sent me a new link for me to download! That in itself is impressive, customer service sells big in my book!!

Anyway, this book not only is effective, but:

1. No manual blitzes (so after the patch ALL of the heat works)
2. Excellent coverage with heat
3. Probably should be #1 on the list – EASY set-ups.

I’m telling you, this is clearly better than other sites’ ebooks. I got them and this blows them away!! Do yourself a favor and pick up the Defensive ebook man.



I just wanted to take the time to tell you that you and whoever worked on this playbook are simply genius. I mean that, I know many people take the time to hate, but not congratulate, and you certainly deserve praise. Frankly I do not have the time, or skill to be able to develop a scheme as you have clearly developed with these playbooks…you have earned yourself a lifelong fan. I hope you continue to excel and produce quality material. May GOD bless you and yours.