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Madden NFL 16 will be released by EA Sports in August, 2015. Madden football has been the most competitive video game among players, with the most national and local tournaments on the scene. This has created a competitive spirit among its players which makes madden tips and strategy of any sort a hot item. Players usually make their way to Google or YouTube in hopes of finding madden tips that will give them an advantage of their opponents. Many other players simply need to learn some basic football 101 in order to learn the game better.

Every year, millions of Madden gamers flock to their nearest video game store to pick up the latest edition of Madden NFL. The most serious of the bunch spent the next week or so learning the new features and controls of the game and start looking through the madden teams and madden playbooks to see which ones will combine for the best fit for their game.

If you’re anything like me, you will only hope that the strategy and tips that worked last year will still work, but a lot of times this is not the case. Anyhow, there are many ways to get better at playing Madden and here are some tips to help you get a jump start on the rest of the Madden gamers out there:

Madden Tip #1 – Put in time in the off-season – Don’t wait until the next game comes out to brush up on your stick skills. Get plugged in and get into a ranked or unranked match just to keep your intuition of the game up to speed. The better your stick skills are, the more game-changing plays you can do on your own.

Madden Tip #2 – Stay active online throughout the whole year. This can be either through Madden forums, or on the game itself. You never know what kind of new tips you can learn from others online. The more you can learn, the better, those same madden tips can carry on to either next years game or a future game,

Madden Tip #3 – Lab with your friends, either online or offline. Sometimes, the best way to find a hot blitz or route is to grab a friend or just two controllers and run the same plays hundreds of times and keep switching it up until you find little nuances that might give you an uncommon, desired result. This is the way many money plays and effective blitzes are found, but it takes a lot of time and patience.

These Madden tips are just starting points for you to get started. There are tons of other areas that can help you gain new heights in your Madden game this season.

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