The latest and greatest in the line of Madden NFL games, Madden 15 brings tons of new features, plays and other nuggets to the game, all in HD. Are you ready to learn how to play madden and get your game on? Pick your team and let’s play some football. Madden has changed the way that people view football games.

How to play Madden 15 – A few steps

Step 1 – Choose a team that suits you. Your favorite team might not be the best team to fit your specific style. If throwing errant passes drives you nuts, pick a team with a top 3 quarterback. If you love to run first, pick a team with running back with great trucking and tackle breaking skills.

Step 2 – Pick your playbook. This might even be the first thing you do, which is what I do. The first thing I do is go through every single playbook in the game and look at all the best formations (mainly the tight or balanced formations for passing, and big running formations for running).

Step 3 – Ask madden if you’re unsure about what plays to be calling. This is especially important for the first-time Madden player. If you’re hazy on what plays are best for a given situation, ask Madden.

Step 4 – Keep an eye on what your opponent is doing. Most players run the same play over and over again until it stops working. Sometimes, shutting someones whole game down is as easy as picking a cover 2 defense and shutting down their passes to the flats.

Step 5 – Play to the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Don’t run the ball like crazy if your running back has a bad ball-carrying rating. Chances are you will fumble a lot. And don’t focus on just a few players. If one of your star lineup gets injured, your team will suffer a crippling blow unless you’ve trained with other team members. Remember, everyone carries the team, not just a few stellar players.

Step 6 – Control the clock. If you’re facing an opponent who is mopping the floor with you, try turning down the game temp. This can drive opponents nuts and get them out of their game. This can also greatly increase the impact of any fumbles or interceptions and could swing the game in your favor.

And just always remember to have fun!