If you’re looking for Madden Cheats, you will not find them here. At Madden Gurus, our commitment is to making you better at Madden 16 in the long-term where you won’t even need to cheat. While cheats, glitches, and exploits can help you get win more games right away, they only last so long and you will ultimately not progress as a good Madden player.

Madden Cheats and the Madden Gurus Alternative

Unlike other sites that strive off of giving you a few text-written plays and call them Madden tips, we at Madden Gurus are committed to teaching you ways to be good at Madden NFL every single year. Madden cheats and exploits get patched quickly nowadays, but genuine football strategy remains effective through the years.

Ultimately, Madden Gurus is a place not for Madden cheats, but for legitimate player development with a commitment to create the highest quality content that gives you a working knowledge of the game and genuine football strategy. This type of strategy will not only help you in Madden, but it will help you understand the game better on Sundays.

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