Madden Online Dictionary

BnR – Bump N Run
Bum – A person who glitches or is a low level madden player
Bum Hunter – A person who specifically tries to play against low level players
Cheeser – A player who’s gamestyle does not resemble real life playcalling
Concede – Hand your opponent a win in an online ranked game if you are losing by at least 21 at half or at 17 in the beginning of the 4th quarter
Crew – A group of Madden players
DC – Disconnected
[email protected] D – A defense that only rushes zero to 2 players and has the rest in coverage
FQ / Friendly Quit – An act where both players agree to end the game without recording a winner or loser
Freestyle Player – A player who uses whatever strategy helps win games
Gauntlet – A tournament between different madden crews
GG – Good Game
GH – Good Half
Glitcher – People who exploit the game using cheats that are usually non-counterable, such as a disconnect glitch
Money Play – A play that is extremely hard to stop with regular types of defenses
Nanos – An unblocked blitz that immediately puts pressure on the QB
Rocket Catch – A tactic where the offensive player passes to a WR/TE, sometimes requiring a user-catch, in such a way where the WR/TE jumps straight up in the air really high
Run it/re – Rematch
Skunked – When you’re up by 21 points
Straight/SIM – A game-style preference and strategy to imitate real life playcalling
User – The act of making a good play while being clicked on to the player

Madden Player Rating Acronyms

(OVR) Overall – The overall rating of a player depending on key attributes for his position
(SPD) Speed – The player’s top speed
(ACC) Acceleration – How fast the player reaches top speed
(STR) Strength – How strong the player is
(AGI) Agility – How fast a player can switch directions and how much space it takes to do so
(AWR) Awareness – A player’s ability to react and adjust
(CTH) Catching – How well the player can catch
(CAR) Carrying – How well the player holds onto the football. A higher rating means the less chance of a fumble.
(THP) Throw Power – How far a player can throw the ball and how fast a thrown ball gets to its target
(THA) Throw Accuracy – How accurate a player throws, replaced by new attributes of short, medium and deep
(SAC) Short Accuracy – How accurate a player throws short passes
(MAC) Medium Accuracy – How accurate a player throws medium passes
(DAC) Deep Accuracy – How accurate a player throws deep passes
(PAC) Play Action – Determines the play action effectiveness for the QB position
(RUN) Throw on the run – Accuracy when throwing on the run, rolling out or when feet are not set
(KPW) Kick Power – A kicker’s power
(KAC) Kick Accuracy – A kicker’s accuracy
(RBK) Run Block – How well a player run blocks, used mainly in simulated games only
(PBK) Pass Block – How well a player pass blocks, used mainly in simulated games only
(TAK) Tackle – Ability to tackle
(JMP) Jumping – Ability to jump and how high
(RET) Return – Skill of the player as a punt or kick returner
(INJ) Injury – The likelihood of an injury
(STA) Stamina – The player’s stamina level and how soon he will tire
(TGH) Toughness – How well a player can recover from injuries and the severity of injuries
(TRK) Trucking – Player’s ability to run over a defender attempting a tackle
(ELU) Elusiveness – Likely the ability to escape tackles (or perhaps sacks)
(BCV) Ball Carrier Vision – Ability to spot the open field
(SFA) Stiff Arm – Players ability to stiff arm
(SPM) Spin Move – Players ability to spin
(JKM) Juke Move – Players ability with the juke move
(IBK) Impact Blocking – Blockers ability to make a leveling block in the open field
(RBK-STR) Run block strength – how well a player can succeed in locking up a defender while run blocking
(RBK-FT) Run block footwork – how well a player can succeed in pushing a defender while run blocking. Scales the speed of initial moves at the snap.
(PBK-STR) Pass block strength – how well a player performs when the defender is performing power moves against him
(PBK-FT) Pass block footwork – how well a player performs when the defender is performing finesse moves against him. Scales the speed of initial moves at the snap
(POW) Hit Power – The strength of the players hit, which can determine the success of a tackle or the possibility of a fumble, and ability to wear out or injure a player being hit
(PMV) Power Moves – The ability to bull rush, chuck and/or overpower a block
(FIN) Finesse Moves – The ability to perform swim moves and spins moves against a block
(BKS) Block Shedding – How well the player can shed a block.
(PUR) Pursuit – Skill in finding and pursuing the ball carrier and ability to take a direct line of pursuit on a quarterback or ball carrier
(PRC) Play Recognition – The ability to recognize plays
(MAN) Man Coverage – Man coverage skills
(ZONE) Zone Coverage – Zone coverage skills
(SPC) Spectacular Catch – Ability to make spectacular catches such as one handed catches
(CIT) Catch in Traffic – Ability to catch when in coverage or surrounded by defenders
(RTE) Route Running Rating – ability to execute routes and cuts and the speed to execute routes and cuts
(PRESS) Press Rating – ability to maintain a press coverage around the line of scrimmage
(RELEASE) Release Rating – Ability to get around or beat press coverage
(SWG) Old Spice Swagger – The chance that a player will celebrate in the endzone