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Any schemes for the ATL playbook?

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    I’m familiar (and i use that term loosely) with the Run n Gun FullHouse Weak Scheme (Still workin’ on it), but I’d like to take a serious look at the ATL playbook just to widen my capabilities. I’m goin through UserPicked510’s youtube vids and it looks like he uses ATL. I especially like the shotgun 2 rb HB screen he has. It works very well.

    But anyways, yeah, I was wondering if anyone knew of any schemes out of the ATL playbook. The team I’d probably be using for it is The Eagles.

    EDIT: Oops, found out that it’s the Chargers offensive playbook he uses. That looks pretty nice as well. So if anyone has any little/big schemes they use for either of them, I’d appreciate some help.


    mr ocho nueve

    i do. its posted a little bit down the first page of offense.



    Yes, I saw that already. I was just wondering if there were any others. Just any play break downs from some books or a whole play book break down if possible.



    The flip trips formation the “RB” receiver in that formation can get open most plays.


    Madden Gurus

    It’s a nice playbook




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